Curriculum Vitae

1933 Born at Gladbeck, Germany


1953-1956 Undergraduate student, University of Münster,Germany
1956 Bachelor of Science, University of Münster
1956-1957 Graduate student, Technical University of Munich, Germany
1957-1959 Graduate student, University of Munich,Germany
1959 Master of Science , University of Munich
1960-1962 Thesis in Organic Chemistry, University of Munich (with Friedrich Klages)

Philosophical Doctor, University of Munich (summa cum laude)
Member of the German Chemical Society

Professional Life

1962-1964 Assistant Professor and Justus von Liebig Scholar, University of Munich
1964-1994 Basic and applied research in the laboratories of BASF AG, Ludwigshafen
and of Chemische Werke Hüls AG, Marl

Invitations to Scientific Institutions of Europe

European Research Associates, UCC, Brussels, Belgium; Bürgenstock-Conference on Stereochemistry, Switzerland; Jubilee “75 Jahre Verein Österreichischer Chemiker“, Vienna; Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Veszprem; University of Marseille, France; German Universities (e.g. Aachen, Erlangen, Hannover, Karlsruhe, Lübeck, Saarbrücken, Würzburg).
Visits to the United States Several invitations to universities and industry (e.g. Princeton University, NJ; University of Southern California, Los Angeles; Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio; Dow Chemical Company; Boston University, MA; Kent State University, Ohio; Fordham University, New York City).
Participation in IUPAC Congresses and ACS Meetings (e.g. Chicago, Illinois; Washington, DC).
1994 Member of the American Chemical Society